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Onboard Health connects, equips and launches passionate individuals with backgrounds in business, technology, data science, design-thinking & strategic communications to tackle issues related to the social determinants of health:

  • food sustainability
  • civic engagement
  • urban design & placemaking
  • health disparities

In essence, we’re building a workforce dedicated to embedding health into our world.

We’re designing Onboard Health to be a new platform that provides fresh insights into the minds of innovative leaders, their companies doing groundbreaking work and how the future of sustainable public health innovation is being built.

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Who is Building This?

Andre Blackman is a pioneering strategist with deep ties into the public health/healthcare, technology and branding landscapes. He is the Founder and CEO of Pulse + Signal, an innovation and strategy consultancy for healthcare and CEO of Onboard Health. Andre is a sought after advisor to companies building the future of health and brand builder for the leaders who run them.

His contributions have been featured in Forbes, NPR, Reporting on Health, U.S. News and World Report. He is on Twitter as @mindofandre

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What Onboard Health Offers

We are fully invested into connecting, equipping and launching professionals into the next level of their impact for the future of our society’s health. Here’s what we’re bringing to the table:

Onboard Health is focused on connecting you with companies that have a focus on the areas that directly impact the social determinants of our health. We make sure skills in PR/Marketing, Design, Tech & more are represented in our jobs that tackle spaces like food, housing, cities, equity & more.

Many of the bold companies who have a lens on sustainable health innovation are joining us to ensure a pipeline of talent provides ongoing solutions to our society’s most pressing issues.

One of the main benefits of getting plugged into Onboard Health is our growing community of talented people like you. We are dedicated to fully supporting your upward career acceleration & impact through meaningful connection.

What is Onboard Health?

We’re obsessed with cultivating & launching diverse talent into companies who are shaping the future of our health.

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